Kahuna massage originated in the Pacific and is a form of sacred, temple-style bodywork, based on the teachings and practices of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas. 

Practitioners of Kahuna bodywork use hands, forearms and elbows to create long, flowing and rhythmic strokes that lull the body into a state of receptivity, healing and the feeling of the Aloha spirit, that is sacred to the Hawaiian people.

Treating more than just the physical body, Kahuna massage tunes in to the mental and emotional bodies of the client, to facilitate complete healing.

In a Kahuna session we work the body as a whole, removing the idea of the body as a machine and instead, seeing it as a living, breathing, multidimensional, multifaceted and highly intelligent organism.

Recognising that the body has this inherent intelligence, we work to awaken the body’s cellular memory of itself and its ability to repair, communicate and align towards health. This creates shifts of energy within the body and a re-connection to wholeness and our own inner spirit.

Kahuna Bodywork is great for anyone feeling physically, emotionally or mentally drained and exhausted and is in need of a thorough bodywork treatment. It’s also the perfect treatment during times of change or transition in your life, or if you’re feeling stuck or looking for a new direction, as it supports you through these changes and allows for more graceful transitions. For clients suffering from edema or fluid retention this is a great treatment for promoting drainage of the whole body. Kahuna-style Pregnancy massage is also available.

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  • please note the price for a one hour Kahuna is $105 and 90 mins is $145

The seven Huna Philosophies

IKE – Awareness (Be Aware)

The World is what you think is it

KALA – Freedom (Be Free)

There are no limits

MAKIA – Concentration (Be Focused)

Energy flows where attention goes

MANAWA – Persistance (Be here)

Now is the moment of power

 ALOHA – Love (Be happy)

To love is to be happy with

MANA – Confidence (Be confident)

All power comes from within

PONO – Wisdom (Be positive)

Effectiveness is the measure of truth